With an eye for design and a taste for quality, Zarby International represents some of the hottest brands in the women’s clothing and menswear world; allowing the Canadian and American consumers to have access to exclusive labels. Each brand market has its own unique approach to fashion and sales.That’s what makes Zarby International a leader in the industry—they not only distribute brands, but adopt each brand’s identity to effectively build a sales force behind it. Zarby International anticipates the market’s evolution and is constantly growing in tandem with their clients’ needs and retailers’ requests. Young and trendy, they boast expertise in the field, and are trustworthy and reliable to the core.


The Inception

Founded in 1978, Zarby International is a family owned-business, started by Mitch Zarbatany in Montreal, Canada. Mitch was among-st the first to license exclusive designer brands for manufacturing and distribution in Canada,including brands such as Sasson Jeans, Riffle Jeans (Italy), Guess Jeans and Kathy Van Zeeland handbags amongst many others. He has always been at the forefront of market direction in the fashion industry, and always seeks out the latest contemporary brands to bring to market.In 2002, Mitch’s daughter Sonia Zarbatany moved back from Los Angeles, business degree in tow, and took position as Executive Vice-President of Zarby International. She oversees many of the brands Zarby represents, such as Sanctuary Clothing, Vince Camuto Canada, Modstrom, and others. Alongside her father and team, Sonia manages, promotes and distributes Zarby brands across Canada as well as North America.