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Zarby International has a unique approach to distribution. In the fashion industry, we stand out as a team that takes on our brands in a personal capacity. We don’t just distribute your label; we become the brand. Offering everything from brand management, PR, marketing and brand development, we are committed to creating a household presence for our labels. We believe in our brands, and are passionate about the product we represent. We are dedicated to the independent needs of each of our labels, so that together, we can reach our highest potential. Zarby International is a premier distribution company. Keeping strong lines of communications with our suppliers and retail customers, we ensure maximum cross-country exposure, enabling Canadian and American consumers to take advantage of some of the hottest trends viewed on the international scene. We aim to successfully distribute high-end, trendy, global brands to the appropriate market segment and the finest accounts in Canada as well as to align the ideal sales, marketing and merchandising elements with the individual needs of each brand we distribute.







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We Distribute the Following Brands 

Sanctuary // Vince Camuto // Modstrom 


ZARBY International 

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